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    Creating a Script With the IDE ??

    Wim Creyghton

      I'm trying to create my first script.

      In the PCB Automation Tutorial is stated to copy the script into the IDE text editor and then run the script.

      If I open File > Scripting > I don't see the option New Script Form only the option Open Script Form.

      Do I have to set something or to install additional software to use it?

      I'am using VX.1.1

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          Hi Wim - looks like you are missing the Automation Pro license. Can you doublecheck please ? The feature you are looking for is xeautoextended.

          The easiest way to check is to open a Mentor shell (MGC BCD CMD VXnn), then run pcls_ok, and type in xeautoextended.



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            Wim Creyghton

            Hi Peter,


            If I check, I get No License Found.

            If I look in the license.dat file I don't see the feature xeautoextended. Only the wgautobasic and xeautobasic features.

            So this means I can't create my own scripts but only can run predefined scripts.


            Do you know other good free software to create and/or change scripts out-side Xpedition?




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              Do you need to have a GUI ? The obvious choice would be dotNet (which is NOT supported by Mentor - but a lot of folks in this community use it it seems). If not, vbs and javascript are supported, but you could use any scripting language (Python) for pure scriptbased stuff.


              Maybe others in here can make suggestions. You could start by fetching what we call AATK (look here : AATK_1861  Released )



              Also, in your installation (run a search for *.vbs / *.efm) there are a number of locations with example scripts, which is also a good starting point. Here is one (VX.2.3 ) : c:\MentorGraphics\EEVX.2.3\SDD_HOME\standard\examples\pcb\Automation\


              Maybe you can start with those examples, and if you finds the concept useful, you may want to check with local sales for the Automation Pro license ?


              Have fun !!



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                If you want to go the .net route, you can start with my automation template.  Get it here. It has references for the VX.2.x MGC dlls, but you can replace them with the earlier versions that would be present with your .1.1 install. 


                It can be a bit complex at first.  If you have more questions about the process of getting it all working, don't hesitate to post up here.