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Student install fails and is removed

Question asked by scotty on Sep 10, 2020

Hello Everyone, 


I came up against an odd issue today. I installed PE Student Edition 10.4a, and the setup seemed to complete. The installer finished but the blue background page didn't go away, so I clicked the X in the top right and the installer said it wasn't finished yet (odd because the laptop had been sitting idle for an hour or so). I clicked on the "exit anyway" button. On the desktop I launched ModelSim, and it seemed to run just fine- but from the task manager I could see the uninstaller boot up in the background and start removing the program! I've done this whole process about 4 times now. The installer hangs for some reason, even though the program is full installed and runs just fine, then the uninstaller starts up and wipes the program. If I don't close the installer I can actually run ModelSim just fine, opening and closing it with the installer minimized, so the installer seems to be the issue here. Has anyone else run into this problem?