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    Project - Design - Diagram Orientation


      As I set up VeSys for production use, I am having a little problem deciding the overall structure.  I am thinking each schematic we create will be it's own project.  But how does everyone handle the revisions?  Do I copy to a new project each time I want to revise a schematic?

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          Typically to revise a schematic you would export the schematic design (as a design XML, which can be archived) and re-import choosing a different name.

          • Open the project  (note all diagrams should be closed before running these steps)
          • Select the original schematic design (Design1)  > right mouse click in the project browser > export design
          • File > Import > Import Design
          • From this dialog you can rename the design (Design1_archive_rev_A)

          Alternatively, you could just maintain the archived designs as XML - these can be stored on a vault.