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IDF export to CATIA - and other MCAD software

Question asked by kbak on Aug 14, 2012
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Anyone else using CATIA for MCAD?


We are having problems when importing an IDF file from PADS into CATIA.

We are getting lots of these messages: "A component with the same Part Number and a different Package Number has been detected and imported before this one. This configuration is not supported."

We found out that this happens if a part type is using different PCB-Decals in the same design.

For example if a 7805 part is using a 'TO220_Vert' decal in one place and a 'TO220_Horz' in another place on the same board.

Anyone found a solution/workaround for this?


Can other MCAD software handle this.

Such as ProEngineer or SolidWorks?



Klaus Bak