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Unable to change the Back Annotation text colour in DxDesigner

Question asked by Jim_Cosenzo on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by Jim_Cosenzo

In DxDesigner I would like to display any Back Annotation text to "red"


If I select: Setup> Settings>  Display> Objects> Annotation> colour> to RED, it does not change the Back Annotation colour to red on schematic. They still appear in the colour as defined by the "Property" colour setting.


If I change my WDIR path, and then manually edit The DxDesigner.xml file entry (below) makes no difference on how the Back Annotions are displayed.

I'm asking for Back Annotated text i.e. RefDes and pin-swapped pin numbers, to be displayed in RED:


       <layer name="ANNOTATION_LAYER">

        <key name="COLOR" value="0xff0000" readonly="1"/>

        <key name="FILL_STYLE" value="0"/>

        <key name="LINE_STYLE" value="0"/>




Does anyone have any ideas?