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LineSim getting multiple cycles on a signal

Question asked by jose.fundora on Aug 29, 2012
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What I am trying to accomplish is compare our lab results to the sims from Hyperlynx.  I use the digital oscope and I can only get one falling edge and one rising edge.  Is it possible to get multiple cycles of a signal using the digital oscope?  For instance the CK or DQS signals?  It would be better comparison to look at the sims in the same format as we do in the labs.  Can Hyperlynx do this?  I've tried following the instructions from the AppNote 10858: Performing Pre-layout DDRx Analysis because that is the only place I have seen multiple cycles and I do not get the same results.  We know what ODT we want to have so there is no need to look at several different scenarios using the sweep sims.  Please let me know if I have said anything confusing/unclear.