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Is there a way to include a models file to the layout extracted netlist while running LVS

Question asked by bharathr.1405 on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by chris_balcom

Hey Guys,


I've got to include a models file to both the source .sp and the layout extracted .sp and then run LVS or NETLIST vs NETLIST between those two. Currently I'll add a .INCLUDE "file_path" in the source netlist. But for the layout part, I'm having trouble getting the extracted netlist everytime and then adding the .INCLUDE line and then running the verification. So, I instead dont include the file at all in the layout extracted netlist. So many errors dont get caught. Is there a way for me to add some line to the layout netlist and then use it for verification?


Primarily, through this file, I create a way to recognize 5 terminal devices, breaking them into a diode and some other device etc.


Thanks in advance.