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Partlister to Include Instance Attributes

Question asked by on Sep 17, 2012
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Using DxDesigner version 2005.1.1 on Windows XP

I notice that the partlister outputs in the format where all the Reference Designers of the same Package is listed and separated by commas.

For example:


#       QTY       REFDES         DEVICE        PACKAGE         VALUE


1        9          C1,C2,C3,                            CAP1234           100uF





But is there a way to customize this PartsLister so that I can also output another attribute that is specific to an instance(s) of a circuit element?

For example:

#       QTY       REFDES         DEVICE        PACKAGE         VALUE       SPECIAL


1        1          C1                                       CAP1234           100uF         GROUP A

2        1          C2                                       CAP1234           100uF         GROUP B

3        3          C3,C4,C5                             CAP1234           100uF         GROUP C




In a way, this would be like organizing the table by the SPECIAL attribute (which I just made up). But I don't see such an option to do so. I only see Unsorted, Reference Designator, Multple Key, Description Key, and Sort Key.


Please help me