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    ECOGEN Fail




      I am using DX designer and PADs layout.

      I have a design which is complete and has previously worked . A week ago  I treid to modifiy the the layout with a change to the Dx designer Schematic. The link program stalled and returned the message fail to open schematic1.asc and ECOGEN fail.


      I have not changed any program settings that i am aware of.


      what is the likely cause? Both DX designer and PADs are version 9.3.1



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          David Ricketts

          I've had ECOGEN fail a few times, and as I remember, it's been due to a corrupt database, which is usually minor, but you never know.


          Here's the list of fixes in increasing severity. Run through the list one at a time and try ECO until it works. Be sure to have a backup handy.


          1. With the database open, press I to run database Integrity.
          2. Open the database in Router, then in Layout.
          3. Run a full ASCII out, then open that ASCII file in a new session. (Also known as the ASCII dance.)
          4. Send the PCB file to Tech Support.
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            Thank you for the reply Dave


            My fault appears to have been due to our company network.

            I copied the whole project to my local drive and ran the Link. The project worked straight away.