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        Hi Shankar, Hi Fabrizio,



        Good to be talking with you. Pleased to meet you. Welcome!






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          Hello all,






          I'm Roman Kaganovich and I work in Marvell Israel in Layout CAD group.I'm working with Calibre LVS/DRC and Designrev.



          My hobbies is hiking, street fight sport and brasilian jiu-jitsu.



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            Hi Roman. Welcome to the forums!



            I've been to Israel once, and I loved it. What city do you work in?









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              Hello Karen,



              I'm from Haifa and I'm working in Yokneam - small city around 20km from Haifa.



              BTW, I like Israel too  



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                Hello Everybody!

                This is Satish Dinavahi, Calibre AE from India and  I have been with Mentor for 4 + years now.  Prior to pre-sales role I was part of CSD india supporting calibre products.

                ~ Satish

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                  I spent a very short time in Haifa. We walked by the Bahai temple, enjoyed their beautiful gardens, and had a nice dinner in the downtown area. It's a very cute town.

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                    Hello Karen!


                    The Gardens wasn't affected by Hesbollah bombing. I say even more, the mass media show this conflict much more dramatic of the real situation. But they work for reiting



                    I invite you to visit Israel again, we have beautiful country and beautiful people.







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                      I'm Bob , Calibre PVX AE in Korea. I've been in MGC/MGK for 3+ years. I forcus on Calibre eqDRC/YA/YE this year. I worked as CAD engineer to develop the libarary, verfication kit, simulation and systhesis kit before joining MGC/MGK.


                      I hope to see you at other community pages soon.



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                        I am a student, styding RF IC design. We use many tools like ADS and Virtuoso, and Calibre. I am here for the tips and tricks for running Calibre.

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                          Jeff T. Young here, and 'ello to everyone.



                          I've been with the Calibre team as one of the RET docs writers since the middle of 2004 (though I've been with Mentor a lot longer), and my expertise is juggling the various RET Modeling manuals while simultaneously building customer-to-docs relations in the Calibre User Advisory Panel.    My belief is that the documentation should reflect the customer's needs as much as possible, and that the company is only part of the solution.



                          I'm definitely a hands-on sort; give me a test case and a reason someone would use it, and I'm interested in turning it into something everyone can wrap their mind around. 



                          My current pet project for 2008 is the complete overhaul of our backbone modeling docs  -- Calibre WORKbench and the Dense Modeling Reference.   I'm privileged to be working with an excellent team of dedicated TMEs to make this happen. 












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                            Hi Jeff. Welcome to the forum!

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                              Hi everyone, I'm Dhaval Shah and I have been working with Mentor Graphics in various roles since 2004.  I started at Mentor as Associate Technical Marketing Engineer for analog mixed-signal product line in Wilsonville, Or.  Then I moved into customer support and since last 2 years I am in San Jose working as as application engineer.  I have started supporting Calibre product line since end of last year.  I look forward to participating in this community to provide additional support to our customers.


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                                Hi Dhaval. Nice to see you online!

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                                  Hello everyone;



                                  I'm Erum, and I work at Pacific Design located in Karachi ,Pakistan as a Design Manager . I started my career working at Pycon Inc Karachi, a Burn in design subsidiary of Pycon Inc Santa Clara ,first as PCB design engineer, then as Quality Assurance engineer, then as Design Manager. I then moved to Pacific Design . My company is invloved in designing of test boards, basically; Burn in, HAST, high power,Probe cards & load boards using PCAD, Allegro & Altium.



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                                    Welcome to the community Erum!

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