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        Hello, and thanks to Mentor for creating a forum like this.


        I'm Jeffery Hildebrand (I like the alias Jrah, it's my initials and much shorter to type), and I've used Mentor tools at various companies since 1986.  Anyone else remember the Apollo work stations?  Currently I'm at Boston Scientific and use Calibre for verification of chips for use in implantable medical devices like pacemakers.


        Our priorities in the medical industry are a little different than what I experienced at companies like Lucent or Agere, there's a much higher premium placed on low risk and high stability.  So our use of Calibre has to be repeatable and as bug free as possible.


        I also use many of the Cadence tools, and so integration is important to me.  Getting them to work together can sometimes be frustrating.



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          Welcome to the community Jrah!



          Thanks for the background, it's interesting to learn about the different environments the tools are used in.



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            My name is Klaus Kaiser. I work at Liebherr Elektronik GmbH in Lindau, Germany. My job is to model components for use in SystemVision. When my models will finally be deployed, the circuit designers will switch to SystemVision for schematic entry and simulation. Then, I will also maintain the model data in the component database and support the circuit designers.



            I would be glad to learn about other members' experience with SystemVision, especially regarding VHDL-AMS models.









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              Hi Klaus. Welcome to the forums, and thanks for posting. What types of components are you modeling?

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                Hi Karen,


                so far, I have made generic models for passive and active discrete components, mainly by using the Edulib or VDA models with small changes. Currently I'm working on a generic transformer model. I have also started to develop VHDL-AMS code to make it possible to draw ICs with several functional blocks and separate power blocks, i.e. to draw multiple instances of an opamp and a block with supply voltage terminals which are actually one dual or quad opamp IC. This would probably be easy in the SystemVision standalone, but the SV overlay (for use with Expedition 2005) cannot handle heterogeneous symbols. The Mentor support told me to use signals or quantities with identical names to link the blocks, but this does not work. Currently, I am waiting for a reply from the support team about this problem and proceed with my transformer model and documentation.


                The next steps will be to fill a database with component-specific model parameters and let circuit designers use this as a test environment. When this works O.K., the data will be copied to the production database. Later, I will improve the models, i.e. by modelling parasitics or adding code that issues warnings when component specifications are exceeded.

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                  Hello Everyone,



                  I am an instructor for several classes on Calibre and IC layout tool & flow, such as "Calibre Rule Writing", "Calibre nmDRC / nmLVS" & more.  Besides delivering classes, I help course design team with lab developments, content reviews, etc.



                  Prior to joining Mentor in 2000, I worked for Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, in various capacities, from product engineering to design support.



                  My hobby is photography.  Wherever I go, I look for interesting localities to photograph.



                  I look forward to meet everyone.






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                    Hi Karen,


                    I am Maaz. I work as a AE for Core EL Technologies (Distributor for Mentor Products , India),.

                    on all Backend tools .Its been about 4 months since I joined this organization.



                    looking  forward to have some inetersting discussions in this community .



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                      Hi Maaz,


                      Welcome to the Calibre communities!


                      I look forward to discussions with you. I would like to know a little about what it is like for you as a distributor for Mentor back end tools in India. I am active in customer support for DRC and LVS related tools in North America but I don't know much about other regions or business models. I'm very curious about how other users of Mentor tools live and work around the world.


                      Thanks for participating,


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                        Hi all,

                        Iam venugopal working as design eng in AMD iam using calibre for my verification of layouts

                        nice to meet you all

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                          Hi Venugopal and welcome, nice to meet you too.


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                            Hi All,


                            I am Andrew Ng who is working in a IC Design House in Hong Kong.

                            My job responisibility is to provide a internal verification set (DRC, LVS, Antenna) which used in my company.


                            Nice to meet you all here!

                            Best Regards,
                            Andrew Ng

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                              Nice to meet you Andrew Ng

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                                Hi Andrew,


                                Greetings from California, nice to meet you!



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                                  Hello everyone,


                                  This is Hongwei Jia. I was an analog IC designer with ST Microelctronics couple years ago. Now I am a graduate student in FL, doing something so-called research . Actually it is a new lab, so everything is starting from scratch. It's so nice to find this forum. I hope to know some new friends and learn some cad skill from all the experts here.


                                  In my break time, I like travelling around and finding authentic Chinese food...


                                  Have a great day!



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                                    Hi Hongwei,


                                    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for saying hello.



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