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EE7.9.4 Cell Editor: hidden feature?

Question asked by bbpcbdesign on Oct 6, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Jerry_Suiter

Hi Mentor,

I started using the EE7.9.4 and immediately I noticed a strange thing.

When I save a cell, Cell Editor performs two write operations. This is evident by looking at the mouse cursor and so Cell Editor takes twice the time to save a cell.

I immediately thought of an error, but after a little investigating I discovered that CE create a new folder under the Central Library with "CCZ" as name.

Practically every time I save a cell, CE create under MyCL/CCZ/CellDBlibs a folder with the same name of the Cell Partition and in this new folder it creates two files; one log and a "cce" ( encrypted ccz )

Here is an image.




What are they? Why can not I find any information in released documentation? Because this function is not optional? What is the new software that needs these files?

I think I can delete the "CCZ" folder but I would like to have some information about.


Best regards

Bolis Bortolo