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Licensing ModelSim DE 10.1 on 32-bit Linux Host

Question asked by andrew.l.ashworth on Oct 11, 2012
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I've installed an evaluation copy of ModelSim DE on a 32-bit Scientific Linux 6.3 (RHEL clone) host. The distributor has given me a link to what I believe is a mobile compute license tied to the eth0 MAC address. I've set MGLS_HOME to my mgls dir and MGLS_LICENSE_FILE to the authorization code I received over e-mail.


I receive the following output runing ./mgls_admin -v


mgls_admin: Neither of the environment variables MGC_HOME or MGLS_HOME

mgls_admin: are set to valid values.

mgls_admin: Can't get pathname of packaging information file.


mgls_admin: v9.4_4.1 Tue May 10 06:01:04 PDT 2011


Similarly, when I run ./vsim, it complaisn about not being able to find a valid license despite me having set MGLS_LICENSE_FILE.


It seems most of the docs here are for Windows. Are there any instructions for linux? Part of the reason I'm evaluating ModelSim DE is for the Linux support, so switching over to a Windows workstation is an option, but would really impact my workflow. The instructions I read in the modelsim user's manual assume a floating license model with a Flex server/client, but I don't have the right type of license for that, I assume.