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    Rotating graphical objects




      I have found out how to rotate an object around an arbitrary point by multiples of 90 degrees.

      I have also found out how to rotate an object around its own c.o.g in multiples of an adjustable, smaller angle.


      However, there seems to be no way to rotate an object around a selectable point by less than 90 degrees. I'm trying to draw symbols representing various kinds of instruments. I want to draw scale graduations, i.e. short lines starting on an arc and pointing towards the center of the arc. Obviously these lines will not fit into the fixed grid. To draw them, a "real" rotation function is needed.


      Is there a way in VeSys to accomplish this?


      By the way, the documentation claims that multiple objects can be selected and rotated at once. My version of VeSys does not allow me to do this. When multiple objects are selected, pressing CTRL and rotating the mouse wheel operates the zoom function.


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