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PADS Logic 9.1 - part editor: selecting 2D lines problem

Question asked by mentor.20.modmadmud on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by mentor.20.modmadmud



I'm trying to create a PCB decal in PADS Logic 9.1's part editor.


I want to draw a FET, n-channel so I have a lot of 2D lines which are lying close by. Now I have a problem with selecting them.


See picture file.

If I try to select the line under the cursor (arrow A) the part editor selects another line nearby (arrow B).


My ideas/tests:

* Filtering does not help in this case because all the lines are 2D lines.

* Zoom is already max.

* There is no difference if the grid is 2 mil or 10 mil.

* There is no "cycle" function ([TAB]-key) in the part editor.


Do you have an idea eller workaround how I can select exactly the line I want?