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    Associated copper (pads) interferes with proper thermal generation.


      I have noticed that sometimes, when I generate a copper pour, thermals are not created at all. I believe this is happening on pads that were created with "associated" copper.

      These are footprints that I have created, so maybe I am doing something wrong in the footprint editor?

      When the part needs a complicated or odd shaped copper pad, I generate a "normal" round or rectangular "pin", then I draw the proper pad shape in copper, and associate that copper with the pin. Is there something else I need to do, in order to make copper pours connect thermals to that pad when I use it in the layout?

      Right now, my only solution seems to be to manually place copper shapes or lines on the board to make those connections, which is tedious and of course prone to error.

      Thank you -


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          When Layout places a thermal on a pad with associated copper it tries to place the thermal spokes on the actual pad, not on the associated copper.  If the copper is much larger or a much different shape than the pad (which it often is) the spokes will not be created.  


          There are several possible solutions:


          1. Depending on the pad shape you may be able to make the actual pad as large as possible, then add as little copper as needed to create the required shape. 
          2. Flood over the pad instead of using thermals.
          3. Add the copper on the board as you are doing.