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    Does Fast Eye use AMI-Settings


      I am trying to perform simulations using IBIS-AMI files in 8.1.1 and I having problems having my changes in the AMI-Settings being refelected in the simulation outputs. (I have a Xilinx IBIS-AMI file selected as the transmitter).


      1) When utilizing the Fast Eye Channel Analyzer, does it use the AMI-Settings files that I have set up in the Channel Analyzer? I ask becuase it does not appear that I can modify the differetial swing of the driver at all.


      2) Should I be able to use the Channel Analyzer separate from the Fast Eye tool, or do I first have to set up a channel and then do a fast eye. I ask because this is what I have been doing, loading and configuring the AMI files through Channel Anaylzer, then performing a fast eye analysis, but the result is always the same regardless of my AMI Settings parameters.



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          After further analysis of the Fast Eye tool I've been able to show the .few files reference the ami settings files, in addition to providing the dll input parameters.


          My  problem now is that it appears that changing these parameters does not affect the simulation results. Any assistnace with this would be greatly appreciated.

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            Ed Bartlett

            Hello Asarau,


                 I would recommend that you use the HyperLynx version 8.2 update 1  AMI channel analyzer. Since you have an AMI model and want to change the settings, using the AMI channel analyzer is the best choice. The newer HyperLynx version 8.2 update 1 has all of the latest features and fixes.


            Best regards,