Does Fast Eye use AMI-Settings

Discussion created by asarau on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by Ed Bartlett

I am trying to perform simulations using IBIS-AMI files in 8.1.1 and I having problems having my changes in the AMI-Settings being refelected in the simulation outputs. (I have a Xilinx IBIS-AMI file selected as the transmitter).


1) When utilizing the Fast Eye Channel Analyzer, does it use the AMI-Settings files that I have set up in the Channel Analyzer? I ask becuase it does not appear that I can modify the differetial swing of the driver at all.


2) Should I be able to use the Channel Analyzer separate from the Fast Eye tool, or do I first have to set up a channel and then do a fast eye. I ask because this is what I have been doing, loading and configuring the AMI files through Channel Anaylzer, then performing a fast eye analysis, but the result is always the same regardless of my AMI Settings parameters.