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    PADS 9.5 No Logic Updates?


      I thought I read being able to re-annotate schematic was coming along with other improvements.

      Is there a list of possible updates coming in the next year for future updates. The PADS idea

      site is great to post idea; but improvements some seem to dribble in.

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          Looking at the PADS 9.5 Release Notes it appears that the PADS team is not looking at the Ideas site at all.  There appears to be little point in suggesting improvements through that method if it is not for DxDesigner because zero Enhancements are listed for all other products.

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            I am finding 9.5 update to be useless to me as a PADS LOGIC/PADS LAYOUT site.


            I have also expressed my discontent with having to pay maintenance for DX Designer (updates) when I am a LOGIC only site.


            When they "forced" the DXD040 licensing on us (users) to run (once free) logic, it was just another revenue stream at the expense of

            legacy (logic) customers like myself. Just try to "update"

            old PPCB 095/PPCB125 licenses up to the "New" mnodule" structure they are now selling. The maintenance is actually cheaper but they call the migration an "update"

            to my current (old) licensing structure and the cost is ASTRONOMICAL....as bad or worse than being a brand new customer.


            Disclaimer: This is my PERSONAL opinion and does not reflect the views of my company.

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              PADS Logic provides basic features for your schematic design, and has been a very high quality and stable application in the PADS product line for many, many years. We are aware of no critical defects in the application and will fix these defects, if any surface.  We recently implemented two related enhancements from Mentor (your) Ideas - D425 and D2283, Change Part Type for multiple selected parts. We will continue to watch Ideas and will consider implementing enhancements that are highly promoted by the general user community.


              If you require more power from your schematic design application, consider using DxDesigner. It is indeed the primary application in the PADS product line for schematic design, and we have invested a significant amount of engineering effort in it.  In addition, we are currently working on many new features that will make it more powerful, and easier to learn and use.  If you haven’t looked at it recently, now may be a really good time to do so.


              Connecting this post to one at the Ask the PADS Team site, please take another look at the PADS releases that we’ve delivered in the last couple years.  We have added tons of new technology.  This technology has increased productivity in all phases of your PCB development process including analog simulation, signal and thermal analysis, 3D viewing and advanced verification.  We have implemented many new features in the core layout/router application, e.g. associated nets and virtual pins.  We have implemented nearly 100 features to make layout and router more flexible and easier for you to use.  Almost all these features were taken from your Ideas.  We have also expanded “beyond the PCB” to include collaboration with mechanical and manufacturing.


              Finally, consider the value of Mentor Graphics - a stable company, the fastest growing of the big-3 in EDA, and providing a stable business environment for PADS.  Consider that Mentor PCB is investing the most in PCB technology in the industry, by far, and that appropriate technology is integrated in the PADS product line.


              We just released PADS 9.5 and development is underway for 9.6.  As before, we’re concentrating on enhancements from your Ideas. We’re strong and healthy.