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Dxdesigner Hierarchical Design Issue

Question asked by on Nov 14, 2012
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Generally I use flat design, but current project will re-use a CPU system schematics, so I'll use hierarchical method, but now a issue come to me, I don't know how to do it, please see the picture below.


My procedure is:

1. Navigator, in Board, create a new Schematic.

2. in Schematic, create a BLOCK named "CPU", and add in/out/bi net on the CPU block symbol.

3. Push CPU BLOCK to Schematic, in the schematic, for example, I add a component whose partnumber is "DS75", the default REF DES is U?

4. After finish "3", Navigator, in Blocks it will auto copy same schematics from "Board", for example, "CPU BLOCK" will appear on "BLOCKS" section.

5. Package the project.


Now the issue happens: Only components in Board section has REF Des, for example, DS75 is U1, but it is still U? in Blocks schematics,  I don't know how to deal with, please see the picture below, thanks.