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Mentor Node Locked License Extremely Slow

Question asked by dmatthews on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by krs

I have been using Mentor products since last decade, so this is not a new licensing issue.  I have DxDesigner and Modelsim on my machine and both have been running fine for years (bugs aside).  However recently both have started to behave in a very strange way with regard to license checkout, or so I believe.  When I first try to open either application, it takes approxiimately 5 minutes for them to start.  Both have separate FlexID 9 dongles (node locked) and both behave in this strange fashion.  I have reinstalled Modelsim (version 10.1) including the dongle driver, tried a different USB port for the dongle, selected a couple of system restore points, and nothing that I have tried seems to make any difference. I am running Win7 64-bit.  Any ideas would be welcome.