Troubles with uart_echo example

Discussion created by mwa on Dec 7, 2012


I am using the latest codesourcery codebench on windows, with the following gcc version: arm-stellaris-eabi-gcc.exe (Sourcery CodeBench 2012.09-86) 4.7.2

And an eval kit DK-LM3s9d96


To get up and running have tested the "hello" example from stellaris ware. This works fine and I can debug the application.


Now I am trying to test the uart_echo example. When I type a letter on my PC it is correctly echoed from the board, but only one character. If I break the application in the debugger I can see that it is hanging in the __cs3_isr_hard_fault routine.


I have tested this example, using the CodeComposer Studio, and this works fine.



Is the compiler at fault or ???



Best regards,

Mads Andreasen