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printing issue

Question asked by benny1 on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by Sravan_Kumar

I have a very strange bug, which exsist since last year when I upgraded to ver. 9.

When printing a schematic, the 1st time I send the schematic to printer after activating dxd

the data is being sent to the screen instead of the printer. from the 2nd time and on it prints OK.

When closing dxd and reopening it, it will happen again.

This system does not allow me to ulpoad a picture or movie, but you can see a screen capture

on our site at

Sorry for the quality, but you can see the blue symbols that were added to the screen

as a result of printing. These symbols and lines will stay on screen till the printer spit out a blank page, and they disapear.

Anyone face this bug? It is not critical, but really anoying ...