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DXdesigner 9, why can't I change the symbol editor page size?

Question asked by david.allen1 on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by robert_davies


Whenever I edit symbols in the symbol editor the page size is huge, 39,370x39,370 inches.  This is more than 1 mile squared.  I don't think I need this much space to make my symbols, and it renders the scroll-bars on the window useless.  Any slight click-and-drag of the scroll-bards and my symbol zips off the screen, only to be found again by clicking the zoom-fit option.  I can click on the arrows but this gets tedious as my symbols get quite large(but not anywhere near 1 mile).

I found the page-size setting in the general preferences window but any selection seems to have no effect.  Does anyone know what the problem may be?  Is there some settings file somewhere that has the wrong number in it?


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