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    EE 7.9.4 DxDesigner.xml file options


      We have recently updated to version 7.9.4 of the EE flow. We have a "corporate" dxdesigner.xml file that forces certain settings on the users, so everyone is on the same page (so to speak) as far as the look and feel of the editor. I would like to know if there were any additional options, or changed options, with the 7.9.4 update? Sort of like a "what's new in version 7.9.4" but specific to the dxdesigner.xml file. We are especially interested in some of the settings that in previous versions, could not be locked down, such as some of the packager menu selections. Do anyone know of a list such as this?




      Tom D.

      Aeroflex Wichita

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          The only changes made to the DxDesigner.xml file relate to the new features such as the Graphical Rules Checker, keys beginning with GRC_ISSUE_SCOPE. We've not made any other changes nor changed the behaviour of the settings you are interested in.

          I think your comments about having a what's new for this file's description is a good idea and we may consider including this in future releases.

          If you have particular settings you believe should support a 'Read-only' option then please post a list on Ideas or on here, so that we may consider them. I know of a few other customers who have similar questions.


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            Thanks for the reply Robert.


            One wish we've had is a read-only flag for the "Update PDB Properties on Symbol" check box. Since we use DxDatabook for property annotation, we do not want to users to ever use this setting. We seen certain packager warnings/errors that prompt the user to select this option, making it even more important to be able to disable this option. I can't remember (it really stinks getting old!), but I may have submitted an "idea" on the ideas site for this one.


            I guess while we're talking about Packager, it looks like there is a new option under the "PDB Extraction Options", it's "Extract Missing with Selected Library Data". Can you shed a little light on this one?


            Tom D.

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              As part of the SupportNet weekly update email, there was a technote reference that the "Update PDB Properties" option in Packager can be disabled by setting the "readonly" flag in the .XML file. The technote is:

              TechNote MG587898,


              Does this mean we can finally disable this option globally via our "corporate" WDIR .XML file? Or is this still just a local setting? If it can be done on the corporate level WDIR, can you help me out with the context, please? There isn't a "packager" section in our corporate DxDesigner.XML file, and I'm a bit concerned with getting the context right when adding a section.



              Thomas DeSmit


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                It seems it can be disabled at the corporate level (at least in VX.1 which I've tested). The simplest approach to update your corporate setting is to make a change locally and then copy the section added to your local WDIR into the corporate file. Or paste this into your corporate WDIR:




                      <key name="Operation" value="0"/>

                      <key name="FillRefDesGap" value="1"/>

                      <key name="PDBOptions" value="1"/>

                      <key name="UpdatePDB" value="0" readonly="1"/>

                      <key name="AlphaOnlyRef" value="0"/>

                      <key name="LogCdb" value="0"/>

                      <key name="ReportSinglePinNets" value="1"/>

                      <key name="Optimization" value="0"/>

                      <key name="DisableBrowse" value="0"/>



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                  Also note that all of these keys now support the read-only flag should you wish to take advantage of them. This was added in EE7.9.4.

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                    I’ve made the change, and it seems to be working.


                    As this is something we’ve been waiting for (and probably many others), it would have been nice to find out about it as soon as this option was available. I finally located the Release Notes and Release Highlights for 7.9.4, and there’s no mention of it there, at least not that I could find in my search.



                    Thom DeSmit


                    P.S. Any word on when we’ll see XDx released?

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                      It was logged internally by me and as there was no customer cross-reference nor linked Idea it got missed in the general improvements that we document in the release notes and What's new & Cool presentations. A good reason for posting enhancements on Ideas!