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EE 7.9.4 DxDesigner.xml file options

Question asked by Thomas.DeSmit on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by robert_davies

We have recently updated to version 7.9.4 of the EE flow. We have a "corporate" dxdesigner.xml file that forces certain settings on the users, so everyone is on the same page (so to speak) as far as the look and feel of the editor. I would like to know if there were any additional options, or changed options, with the 7.9.4 update? Sort of like a "what's new in version 7.9.4" but specific to the dxdesigner.xml file. We are especially interested in some of the settings that in previous versions, could not be locked down, such as some of the packager menu selections. Do anyone know of a list such as this?




Tom D.

Aeroflex Wichita