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    Comparing layouts


      I have 2 layouts which i am able to compare using dbdiff command but is there any way that we can figure out that where is the exact mismatch between the layouts?

      dbdiff command only says whether they are same or not.

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          Hi Vikky-


          If you like in the Calibre Verification User's Manual section "Compare Layout Databases Using DBdiff",  you'll see an example of just that:


          Example: Generate a Calibre RVE Results Database (RDB) File


          The following example shows how to use the DBdiff application to generate a RDB output file digblk.rdb.


          dbdiff -system GDS -design DIGBLK_v2.gds DIGBLK -refdesign DIGBLK_v1.gds DIGBLK -rdb digblk.rdb


          To view the layout differences in Calibre RVE, follow these steps:


          1.     Open the design being evaluated in a supported layout viewer.
          2.     Start Calibre RVE, using Verification > Start RVE from DESIGNrev, or using Calibre > Start RVE from other supported layout viewers.
          3.     In the Calibre RVE dialog box, select File > Open Database. Enter the name of the RDB in the database field and select a database type of DRC/ERC. The layout differences are shown as checks in Calibre RVE. See "Using Calibre RVE for DRC" in the Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE User's Manual."





          Hope that helps-



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            Thanks alot. This was exactly what i was looking for.