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Can't select parts from project explorer

Question asked by jknowlden on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2012 by jknowlden

Hi, I've recently stumbled onto a problem trying to select components from the project explorer window under PADS Layout 9.3.1.  Whenever I click a component, the reference designator background highlights for about half a second like it should, then it just deselects itself.

I do have Allow Selection checked when right clicking in project explorer and my filter is set to allow selecting components.  There is no problem selecting a part in the layout, just from the project explorer.  The problem is not tied to a particular design, it behaves like this even with a brand new file.

It exhibits the same behavior trying to select anything from PCB Decals or Nets, but not Layers.

Does anyone know what I did to break this?