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DxDesigner never forgets my mistakes

Question asked by Thomas.DeSmit on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by Sravan_Kumar

OK, from the title of my post, you might think DxDesigner is the name of my Ex , but I digress.......


I'm the DxDesigner librarian, and I recently completed a part, but I got the Reference des prefix set incorrectly in the Part Editor. I didn't notice the error until I placed the part into a test design, and ran packager. I noticed the wrong RefDes at that point, so I went back to the Part Editor, and changed the Reference des prefix and saved the change. Back to Dx, remove the part, closed Dx and reopened the design. Go to place the same part again to verify the correction, and it still comes up with the original incorrect refdes! I can open a different design, and if I place this same part then package, it comes up with the correct prefix.


So, in this design, how can I get Dx to "forget" this initial error? This is another instance where DxDesigner seems to be very resistant to changes/corrections. We've run into similar problems when a symbol was found to have an error (or the designer just wished to make a small change), and after the library is updated, it's seems to take an act of God to get the change to propagate to the design.


Open to suggestions.


Tom D.