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Inner layer error on only one part IPC 356A output?

Question asked by wolferm on Jan 23, 2013
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I get this error when outputign IPC-356A netlist on only thi sone part as far as I can tell it is no different than any other thru hole part in design.

This is only a two layer bare board.

The report says

IPC356 export report file.

Export to file:.......

Report Created on :....


Warning: CAP_TH_RDL_L26_T9_LS22.5_LD.8 (Symbol): information about inner layers' data is not exported in 2 layers design!


What the heck does this mean?

Especially calling out only one decal, and why does it state (Symbol).

I looked at the part type & decal and really can't see any difference in the way pad stacks were set vs any all other thru hole parts in this design?


Help any ideas

Could there really be an error in way decal was setup?