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    Thermal tie question


      Is there a way to specify certain size holes get thermal ties and other sizes do not?  I have a press fit connector that we want the gnd planes flooding the pins.  Next to that is a solder fit coax connector that needs to be thermal tied.  The only thing I can see to do is to uncheck the "Plane Thermal" box in the pin properties and then manally route a thermal tie.  Might work here, there are only a few parts to do this, but would be painful if there were more.




      Bruce N.

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          I usually handle that by changing the pad shape. For example  you could make the press-fit connector pads ovals with the X and Y values exactly the same. Then In the options dialog for thermals you set ovals to flood-over. Of course, if you already have oval pads that you do  not want flooded over - do it the other way around - Make the press fit the only part with round pads and make the others all ovals.

          I've had good results from this method.



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            Good Idea.  The only drawback is that these are library parts made by my engineer.  I don't think he would take it well if I messed with his parts.  I'm routing the ties manually, there are only four parts so it's not too bad.