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Simple use of Heirachical Symbol - Note 1138 Pin Already Connected to Net

Question asked by vandel on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by vandel

I have built a simple block, a Pi filter with an inductor and two capacitors.  I have added heirarchcal in Port Special Components on the input and the connection which is typically ground and a heirarchical out component on the output. Input component named IN, Common connection named C and Output named Out.


I have done Tools -> Generate Block Symbol and have a local symbol with three symbols $1I1, $1I2,$1I3 and three nets $1N4,$1N5,$1N7.


I place a couple instances of this into a schematic and try to connect the pins with the "net" tool.


I can connect one thing to each Pin.  But when I try to connect the C pins to the special component in the schematic for Ground I get.


Note 1138: Pin Already connect to net in Error Pane .....


In typical Mentor  style if you click the ? icon to get information on this error you find that there is an error 1135 documented and a 1153 documented but nothing in between.


Any help would be appreciated ....