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    Help with ASCII file error -- *Bad  *LINES*  ascii data line format


      I’ve been able to generate simple board outlines and ingest them into PADS layout ok.   Others I get errors.   I’ve tried to look for the errors in the acsii format spec document, but could not find any info.  The following is the error that I’m getting.   Can you point me in the right direction for the correct documentation that describes this error?    Also, can you please advise on the correct hidden characters that I should use?   Should I use newline (\n) or a return (\r) to end a line?   Also between items and coordinates should I use spaces or tabs(\t)?






      *Bad  *LINES*  ascii data line format

      -298            2733





      I’m assuming that  2 is an error code?   What does error 2 mean?



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          I often will ASCII Export and then ASCII Import a design back into PADS.  The Bad Lines errors pop up but I never see anything missing; it seems this is something that you can't see from the GUI.


          The error is probably from the line before the 'Bad Line' error is reported; something on that line confused the importer, so now it thinks the following info is a new command and reports the error.


          I'd open the ASCII with an editor (I like Crimson Editor) and search for '-298            2733'; just make sure there aren't mulitple occurences.  Then you can debug what data is causing the error.


          Someone recently did their own study of what characters are acceptable.  It was either on this list or the Yahoo! group.  You'll need to search for it.