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    lock the position of tables


      Hi All.


      Every time I apply a style to the Harness Drawings I have, all the tables are shifted to their original position determined by style.

      Is it possible to move the tables only manually, without being taken to the original position by applying a style?


      Thank you.

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          In styling you can select to "Exclude from Apply Style" for each table decoration.  Now when you "apply style" to the entire diagram the table positions will not get reset according to the default.  Alternatively, you can select individual tables and from the context menu select "Styling -> Fix" to fix the position.

          You can use "Force Apply Style" to forcibly return to the styling default.



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            Yes, I knew about that but I want to be able to apply style without changing the position of the table. The above does not work like that.

            Are there any other ways to do that?


            Thank you.

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              I am afraid it is an all or nothing in this case.


              Location is a main part of the style of the decoration.


              I think it is a good enhancement request to be able to just exclude the re-location of decorations.  For example if a new table column is desired, repositioning all tables could be a daunting task in very large harnesses.  Please enter an Idea http://mentorideas.brightidea.com/iesd