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Methods for managind gnd and power signals in a hierarchical block?

Question asked by A.Ozenne on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by A.Ozenne
When creating hierarchical block, I would like to use a gnd symbol internally to the block schematic so that my schematic is easy to read and gnd nets are automatically named but I can choose to which gnd signal it connects outside the block. I have thought of some possible solutions but I think there might be a better method for this issue. The ideas I have so far:
  • Keep the global signal propagation local to a block by adding the correct property (which I haven't found yet)
  • Create a hierarchical port for ground signals and use this symbol to represent "gnd". Unfortunately, the nets are not automatically renamed when connected to a hierarchical port.
  • Create a "local signal name" property on a gnd symbol and use a script to automatically rename the nets. It might be a bit too much and I don't know how this could be made "real-time" ie the name is renamed when the port is added.


Do you have a method for using locally gnd and power signals in a hierarchical block?


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