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    OnPreComponentPlace Event wont work with VB.NET


      Hello Community,

      I tried two ways to get the Event OnPreComponentPlace from Expedition, but it doesn´t seem to work in VB.NET (VBS and TCL worked).

      The Function appdoc_OnPreComponentPlace wont get triggered from the Event

      First one, WithEvents and Handle to Function:


      Public WithEvents appdoc As MGCPCB.Document


           ' Test with "WithEvents"

           Public Function appdoc_OnPreComponentPlace2(ByVal comp As Object, ByVal x As Double, ByVal y As Double, ByVal layer As Integer, ByVal rot As Double, ByVal mirr As Boolean) As Boolean Handles appdoc.OnPreComponentPlace


           End Function


      Second one, with AddHandler


           Sub New()

                appdoc = UserStandardLib.GetActiveDoc()

                AddHandler appdoc.OnPreComponentPlace, AddressOf appdoc_OnPreComponentPlace

           End Sub



           'Test with "AddHandler"

          Public Function appdoc_OnPreComponentPlace(comp As MGCPCB.IMGCPCBComponent, x As Double, y As Double, layer As Integer, rot As Double, mirr As Boolean) As Boolean


               Return True

          End Function




      This Event works with AddHandler and WithEvents:

      Private Sub appdoc_OnNotitfy(notify As MGCPCB.EPcbOnNotifyType)

              Debug.WriteLine("OnNotify: " & notify.ToString)

          End Sub






      Perhaps anyone can help to find the problem or the failure of my lines