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Unsure if we're correctly setup to work as multi-user on the same schematics

Question asked by mathieu.lafrance on Apr 9, 2013
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We have a project with DXDesigner on a network drive so that we could all use it. I've been told that this schematic was setup so that multiple users can work on it. However, it seems like the PC that opens it become a local server to itself, and when somebody else opens the schematic after the first person has closed it, the server changes PC and so on, without ever contacting the "central server" that is supposed to exist.


By going in "iCDB server monitor" tool, I can see the following:

4-9-2013 3-16-16 PM.png


Where mlafranc-018885 is my PC. It also says "single user", which is pretty much the opposite of "multi-user".


Also, when two different people open the same schematic, but not at the same time, I get a popup balloon saying that the host PC has changed.


I think our company has set up a central server somewhere, but we're just plain not using it at the moment.


Can anybody confirm that we are not currently in a multi-user setup? If not set up correctly, do I need to follow the setup of a RSCM server as specified in the "Concurrent Design Administrator’s" PDF help file ?