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    Remove parts without deleting routes


      Hello everyone!


      I am new to PADS software and trying to resolve an issue in my design.


      I am trying to modify an existing design by removing a connector and extending the signals/traces routed to he extra added part of the board.

      To do that, i am trying to delete the connector. But, while doing so, all the associated nets are getting deleted. This makes me to re-route all the traces all over again which is a waste of time. Therefore, i am looking for a mechanism with which i can retain the routes but just delete the component.


      Request help ASAP!

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          Yes, that has always been an annoying 'feature' of PADS.  I recently learned on this group that PADS defines the nets as pin-pairs, so when you delete the component you break the pin-pair so PADS deletes the other net.  This might be a workaround:


          - in Logic (or DxD) add a test point to the net.

          - ECO to Layout

          - Place the testpoint very near the component you want to delete

          - connect the testpoint to the net


          Now if you delete the part... Will it keep most of the trace, and only delete the traces between the test point and the deleted part?  Try it and see.