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    Issue seeing all borders available


      I have an issue where I cannot see all the borders that are present in my Central Library. The problematic borders are mda-dsheet2 and mda-dsheet3. They are D-sized borders. I can see them in the Library Manager, as seen below.




      However, when I try to change a border, this is what I see (right click on the schematics, change borders)



      The border mda-dsheet2.1 is not there.


      Sometimes it is present after an edit, sometimes not. I have attached both borders, maybe you will see something wrong in them. Sometimes it is the first that is absent, sometimes it's the second. I really cannot see a pattern there.


      I've tried in DXDesigner Tools / Update libraries, no go.

      I've tried in Library Manager Tools / Update DXDesigner cache, no go.

      I've tried restarting DXDesigner, no go.


      What's wrong ?



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          I have seen this in the past as well. My experience has been that if the symbol outline includes the entire symbol, it will not show up as a bordrer.


          I have looked at the 2 symbols you provided and see that the mda-dsheet2 symbol has the symbol outline including the entire symbol.




          The mda-sheet2 symbol has they symbol outline in the lower left corner of the symbol




          Shrink the symbol outline for mda-sheet2 similar to mda-sheet3 and you should be ok.


          One other item to note is that when you edit the symbol, make sure that the File > Preferences "Automatic outline update" option is not selected, otherwise it will cover the entire symbol again.


          Hope that helps,



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            Hello Mathieu,

            it may be that you are not using the correct library?

            In top picture there are 10 symbols and in lower there are 14 symbols (without mda ...).

            Please check the library! I hope it helps more!

            The symbol-outline should not be the problem.

            Best regards



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              Fixing the symbol outline as suggested by Rick appears to resolve this issue in my tests. Can you confirm this and if so mark the question as answered.



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                Thank you for this tip. This was the issue.


                Excellent answer !


                I think this should be highlighed in bold, underlined with a font size of 72 in the documentation.

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                  It is covered in the Symbol Editor manual under 'Creating a Border Symbol'. In step 4 it emphasises the bounding box should be very small; and there is a note about the fact that if you have a bounding box  at full-extent you will have problems selecting symbols on a sheet if you use the border symbol.

                  Anyway, I've logged a defect against the fact that it doesn't show up in the dialog in this case too, so documentation will be updated to reflect this fact.