Expedition Script to Get NetclassClearance from 2 Nets

Discussion created by michael.weber on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by kendall_hiles

Hi All!


I'm looking for a script, that in best case ... should do the following:


- With Left-Mous-Click select a net

- with next click select 2nd net


then I would see in epcbStatusField3 the names of netclass and the clearance of the 2 different netclasses.


Something like : "-UG <> +UG 5.7mm".


I look into Inside-Outside script for Mouse-Handling, but at the Moment I haven't enough time .... I can read out netclass from a net with "net.NetClass"


Did have anyone a script, where I can look into it ? And, is it possible to bind this script to a "Hotkey", always available in pcb?


BR Michi