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    How do I use multicore cables with molded connector



      I am using a multicore cable that has a connector on one end. I have created it in the database and indicated the end with the connector. Now I am trying to use it in a harness. I create a bundle with a node on each end. I add a connector to one end and want to use this multicore (with connector attached) at the other node. I can select the add connector icon to place the "connector". I see multicore as an option, but it is grayed out. What am I doing wrong?



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          Hi All_Decked_Out



          I am a little confused.  Are you saying you want to treat the connecor and the muliticore as one item.  If so this is an ER as you are asking for an Assembly.






          Please can you provide a diagram and a full explanation of how you would like this displayed









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            Although I have not actually started using the software (we just received it and haven't installed it yet), I have messed around with an eval copy for a while.  I will be in the same boat, we will have hundreds of instances where we will need to bring pre-made sub-assemblies into a harness.  Most of these will consist of a multicore with a molded connector on either one or both ends.  Admittedly, I have not gone through any formal training yet and my experience with the eval copy was fairly limited, but I have not run across any easy way to handle situations such as this.



            Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated as, like I said, we will run across this issue a LOT!



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              In VeSys you would use the multicore part number for the cable and then manually add the graphics for the Connectors at each end.  Typically with VeSys when there is an enhancement (multicores were recently supported in 2008.1) the database is updated to support all future uses for that particular component type, so there are a few fields that may be in the database but not yet utilized by the Harness or Design modules (i.e. mutlicore cable length and the connector part number fields).



              Another idea is that you could create dummy connectors in the database (a connector with the exclude from BOM checked) so that you can add the table to the drawing, I would guess this is how the Connector fields on the multicore cable tabs could potentially be used for.



              As Paul has already mentioned a new component type called 'Assembly' would be required for anything more complicated than a cable with 2 connectors, the multicore functionality was only designed to support simple multicore cables that are common in Harness Design.



              Hope this helps.