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    how to change the trace width after completed routing ?


      Hi everyone,


      i routed the multilayer board. i completed routing but unfortunately from manufacturer send new stack-up for me.i need to change the trace width for entire board . i kept the trace width for TOP-7.5mil,Layer-3 i kept as 6.23mil...like.so i need to change the trace width for Top Layer-6.32 and Layer-3-->5.28mil

      how to change with out distrub the routing ??

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          David Ricketts

          This has happened with my last two designs. I get a stackup from the manufacturer, I lay out the board, then they change the stackup and line widths after the board is finished. Very frustrating.


          Fortunately, this is easy to change once you understand the process, but you have to proceed carefully.


          1. Setup the design rules so the new values are allowed, especially the Conditional Rules if you have them.
          2. Turn DRC off if it's on.
          3. Turn off all the layers except the one you want to change. I recommend only doing one layer at a time.
          4. You can turn on all the routing layers, but this would be a problem if any old value is the same as the new value, but on a different layer.
          5. Press Home, or zoom out so the entire board is visible.
          6. Open the Find window.
          7. Select Line Width in the drop down box, then Trace, then the old trace width value for the layer that's visible, then apply.
          8. Select Properties. Depending on how many traces you have, this can take a while.
          9. Enter the new trace width, then apply. Make sure the value actually changes. If there's a rule preventing it, or DRC is on, then it won't change. See steps 1 and 2.
          10. Repeat for each layer.
          11. Rerun DRC if any traces got wider.