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    update variant manager with excel


      Hello all

      I would like to update the variant manager ( place and unplace parts ) with excel.

      Is there anybody who can provide a  short excel example how to connect to the variant manager with excel-vba. In the moment I have no idea how to do that.


      Is there any other possibility to import variant information to the variant manager either in schematic or expedition?


      Thank you very much!

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          I understand your thought process is to keep an external table with the variant information and update the schematic as needed.  I suggest that this is a method which will lead to a mistake which could be costly.


          I suggest another way of thinking about it.  Keep the variant data in the variant manager in the design database, and query it from an external tool to find out what is in there.  The automation functions are better suited to seeing what is in the variant manager and reporting that than being controlled externally. This way there is always direct correspondence between your design database (ref des, part numbers, etc) and the variant manager.  Using an external source to manage this could easily result in a design modification that does not get transferred (manually, I'd guess) to the external Excel sheet and now you are not in sync.


          I posted up methods of how to do this with vb.net in this thread.  You may be able to adapt that to VBA.

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            Hello Patrick

            Thank you very much. This should help me.