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DDRx Batch sim - "Missing driver model"

Question asked by hulbert on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by min_maung

I have a Virtex7 model hooked up to some Micron DDR3 chips, but the audit comes up with failures for all DQ and DQS nets, saying "Missing driver model, unable to simulate;"


I found this thread, but I'm not sure if the answer given is applicable to me:


I'm looking in my Virtex7 ibis file, and all the DQ and DQS nets have SSTL15_DCI_F_HP_MS for the model name.  In the model selector for this model name I have:


[Model Selector]   SSTL15_DCI_F_HP_MS

SSTL15_DCI_HP_IN50_I                        Input

SSTL15_DCI_F_HP_O                           Output


And both of these models are present in the ibis file, so I'm not sure why it says there is a "Missing driver model".