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problem with license

Question asked by veronika.anisoveca on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by veronika.anisoveca

One year ago we bought a license for PADS LS Suite Ap SW.

But now when I open the PADS Layout the following message appears:


The following product options expire in fewer than 30 days.


To download and install the most current license file for your Site, follow the instructions found at:


Advanced Editing/RF in 16 days

Analog in 16 days

Assembly Variants in 16 days

Auto-placement in 16 days

CAM in 16 days

CAM350 Link in 16 days

CAM Plus in 16 days

Cluster Placement in 16 days

Copper Flood in 16 days

Database in 16 days

Drafting Editing in 16 days

Dynamic Route Editing in 16 days

DXF in 16 days

ECO in 16 days

General Editing in 16 days

IDF Interface in 16 days

Library Editor in 16 days

Radial Placement in 16 days

SHELL in 16 days

Split Planes in 16 days

Verify Design in 16 days

PADS Layout PDF in 16 days



When I follow the link above and try to download the most current license file it also shows that it will expire on 6/20/2013:


# P/N     Description                              Item Qty

# ------- ---------------------------------------- --------------

#         Feature Name               Version  Exp. Date  Ser. Nbr


# 240234  PADS LS Suite Ap SW                      1     

#         padsls_c                   2013.030 6/20/2013  34612341



What should I do then? What is wrong with my license?


Thank you in advance!