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    "Numeric Error During Property Evaluation" In LVS




      I am having issue "Numeric Error During Property Evaluation" when I LVS. The LVS is Correct and Clean. But the Error Appears in My Transcript.


      Some Details of the Run,


      The Layout I am running, Consists of multiple number of same instance.


      The Instance itself DRC and LVS Clean, and there is no Numeric Evaluation Error at instance Level.


      The Error starts only when I put more then 2 of them together.




      The Error in Transcript is as Follows,



      ERROR: Numeric error during property evaluation.


          Rule file: $..../XYZ.dgo.extract.cal

          Device: d(nwp_p) (line XYX of rule file)

          Cell: ABC

          Instance: 0 x:0 y:4.715

          Argument for truncate must be not exceed 2,147,483,647 in absolute Value.



      The co-ordinate, (0,4.715) is where my N-Well is. I am not sure how it is related to N-Well location, the co-ordinate moves with N-Well.


      Can someone give some sugesstions/ideas for solving it! and explain what is Physically causing the problem.


      Thanks in Advance.