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Creating a mipt file: Big Picture Questions

Question asked by pshepher on Jun 18, 2013

I apologize in advance if I this information is already out there, but I have read the xCalibrate Batch User's manual multiple times, and still have some fundamental questions. Background: I am using Calibre 2009 in an academic environment, and am trying to create the PEX file for a fairly simple experimental IC process.


  1. When I think of any basic IC process, I consider there to be two mutually exclusive areas of ACTIVE, and FIELD OXIDE. It appears as though Pex will use "type=diffusion" to determine when a region is ACTIVE, instead of FIELD OXIDE, but how does it know which dielectric in the stack is deleted to create the ACTIVE region?
  2. I assume it removes the detected devices during LVS, and only extracts parasticis from layers that still exist after the intentional devices have been removed, yes?
  3. I have a PIP cap with a thin dielectric that only exists when both polys are on top of each other. Can  Ihandle this with a properly configured confromal dielectric, or do I need to specify three custom layer stacks, one with one poly, one with the other, and one with both and the deielectric?


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