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    Default print option


      Currently the default print option is set to project.


      Is there a way to change this default to design?


      People forget to change the option.


      Why was it decided to make the print project as the default when its rarely used.


      Save the trees.

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          I am not experiencing the exact same behaviour (I am using VeSys 2.0 v2012.1), if I have a diagram open and choose print the scope is remembered from the last time I entered the dialog (if previously I had selected to print the current diagram then that is remembered, which is correct even if I close and reopen VeSys 2.0). 


          However, if I don't have any diagrams open (in other words there is no design being edited, or nothing is selected in the project browser) then the print dialog defaults to the scope of the entire project. In otherwords if the previously remembered scope is not available (how would VeSys 2.0 know which design do you want printing?) then the next more inclusive option is selected.


          Finally, if I have a design selected in the project browser (but no diagrams open) and use the print dialog I can change the scope to "selection" rather than "project" and that too is remembered when I reenter the dialog.


          If you can describe how you want the print dialog to behave (when no design is selected or open) in an IDEA that would help, there may be related IDEAs that catch your interest.


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