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    Issue in importing Netlist




      Did anybody imported orcad Capture CIS 9.2 PADSPCB netlist to PADS layout 9.3. I am facing following problem while doing this.


      File Import started --  C:\Data1\CIS\KS026V2\KS026V2.NET
      File Import failed. PADS file not created.


      If anybody had any idea about this their help is appritiated. I am stuck with this point. I am also searching on the net for this.


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          the issue might be with the netlist header which orcad exports,

          you can try exporting with the attached dll file

          copy the file in C:\Cadence\<Version>\tools\capture\netforms and restart orcad

          and while generating the netlist select this DLL

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            You could use the .dll or in a pinch also Orcad out of the box only outputs with this header




            Just edit the netlist so header looks like this and it should work. Even with V9.2 this should work just fine with any version beyond 9.X, I'm running V9.5 and Orcad is our front end also.




            Also you can add comments to note info about thsi netlist and make the header look like this too by addign remarks



            *REMARK* PCB Design Name & Date Edited or entered etc.



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              Is this dll for V9.2 at least or does the header still need to be edited for V9.X and later?

              I seem to remember trying this awhile ago when I saw it posted (think same file name) and you still needed to edit the header accordingly for V9.2

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                when i exported with the dll it has attached the below header




                and i can succesfully import in PADS9.5 without modifying anything in the header, so i think it can work with 9.2 version as well