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Can't select glued components

Question asked by amaggiolo on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by vladimir.stoyanov


i have pads 9.4 and i found a strange behaviour with a component.
That component is an RF shield, an empty box 45x45mm. Normally it takes a click inside that box to select it, a click in a random point inside its shape.
But when i glue that component i cannot select it that way anymore. I need to point one of its sides, right click and use "select component".
The strangeness of that behaviour is in the fact that it works that way only on my computer, my colleagues have the same pads version on their PCs but there's no way
to repeat that behaviour.

I tried searching here, to google it and to read anything even remotely related on the "help" page, but can't find a way to disable it or do it on other machines if not mine.

Can someone explain me what's that?
Many thanks!!