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    Assembly drawing for secondary assemblies


      I need to differentiate assembly outlines for primary (SMA) and secondary (hand mount) assemblies when I generate assembly drawings. I would also need the reference designators for these parts to appear on the right layers. I should then be able to toggle on and off the parts specific to certain assemblies and then generate drawings. What is the best way to accomplish this as Expeiditon supports only a generic assembly layer?

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          If you like to prepare assembly drawings in Expedition, automation may be the right way. By Expeditionpcb automation, you ca select specific part and copy their outline graphics to user layer.  There is vbs script for graphics object copy on the community. Based on this scrip, you may modify it to implement all your requirements


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            Thanks for the information Yu. I'll have a little play with it and see how it goes.

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              You may wish to try a different approach.


              In most cases, hand installed parts are never machine installed, so you would just draw the Assembly Outline information in the part to suit your requirements.


              But, if you do have the need to have both Hand Install and Machine Install components, I would make 2 different cells and possibly 2 different parts.


              Here are the scenarios:


              1. 2 different cells - In the same part number, Expedition has the capability of alternate cells. By having both cells within the part, the user can easily change to the alternate cell when the situation is required. Name the 2 cells accordingly so you know what they are for, Eg. Cell_AP and Cell_HP for Auto Placed and Hand Placed.


              2. Multiple Parts - Again naming for recognition can be done. With Multiple Parts you could also use the Variant Manager capability and use the Replace Part feature to build variants of your assemblies that require special handling.


              Good Luck,

              Vern Wnek

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                I've tried the script and it does look impressive, but doesn't work for what I'm trying to do. Here is what I'm trying to do:


                Lets say, I've just 2 components on PCB for the sake of simplicity - U1 (SMT) and S1 (PTH)


                I now need to generate a primary assembly drawing with just U1 and a secondary assembly drawing with just S1.


                Of course you can accomplish this using the above script by copying onto different layers and generating the required output. But, it gets complex when there are a lot of parts on the PCB. It requires a lot of manual intervention in editing the graphics. And also, when there is a next revision of the PCB, you need to make sure the new parts are updated by running the script again. I like to keep the process automated and any manual effort involved will only introduce errors.

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                  yes, you have to modify the script to make it be able to select all targeted objects and copy Gfx/TXT to destinated user laye according to the filter.



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                    If you have Variant Manager and have defined your variant assemblies there, Expedition can use that information to generate PCB variant views.


                    How to generate a PCB Variant View using Variant Manager.JPG