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Do you use your Auto Router?

Question asked by steve_herbstman on Aug 22, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2009 by s.parker

It's always a challange to get PCB designers to use an Auto-Router. In my experiance most look at it as an all or nothing approach while I think it's a combination of manual interaction and batch autorouting.

If you have the software available today,

1. What strategies do you employ when using an auto-router?


2. If you don't use one today,why? (Ex. Setup time? Run Time? Look and feel of the results?) :_|


3. What percentage of a typical design requires manual interaction?


4. Where is your router software lacking? (No need to name names here)


  • Does it properly obey high speed rules?

  • Is the interface user friendly

  • Does it require too much cleanup after completion?


Remember, this discussion thread is not limited to MGC PCB solutions. I'm not looking to pit one router against another,they all have pluses and minuses and can be effectively used with proper strategies.